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In November 2004, grace GOYES company, engaged in mechanical parts precision machining start;

In May 2007, after the expansion of personnel and the upgrading of equipment, the main business of the company was extended to the research, design and manufacture of mould, tooling equipment and non standard equipment.

In December 2009, the company passed the ISO quality system certification for the first time.

In November 2012, the company relocated the new site, the personnel, the area of the site, and the equipment for manufacturing all increased.

In July 2015, through a few years of unremitting efforts, a number of inventions and utility model patents were declared, and the national high-tech enterprise certification was first approved for the first time.

In May 2016, in response to national industrial upgrading, we need to expand the plant area, eliminate backward production capacity, add high-precision production and testing equipment, re lay out planning production lines, separate rough finishing processes, and make production management process more reasonable.

In December 2017, the total sales of the company and the total amount of taxes were all at a new high level.


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